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June 30, 2012 / ielts coach

IELTS Writing: Health Care

All over the world, life expectancy is increasing. Governments are finding it difficult to provide  money for health care, and some people think that everyone should arrange private insurance to pay for health care.

Should health care be free for everyone, or should people pay for the care they need?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your experience. Write 250 words.

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I. Before you write, answer these questions:

1. Are you going to express a strong opinion or present a balanced argument?

2. Which of these points will you include in the essay?

a. Governments cannot afford to provide free health care for everyone.

b. Everyone should have free education and free health care.

c. Wealthy people should pay for health care.

d. Poorer people should have free health care.

e. How rich you are should not affect the quality of the health care you receive.

f. People who pay for health care should have the best doctors and hospitals.

g. Everyone should have free health care until they are 18.

h. People who smoke or drink a lot of alcohol should pay for their health care.

3. Are there any other important points you want to make?

4. Look at the introduction to the composition that a student has written. Put the sentences into the most logical order. Do you like the introduction?

______In the future, most people might live to be  hundred or more.

______Of course, this is good if people can remain healthy, but most old people need more healthcare and governments are finding it                 difficult to provide the money that is needed.

______People are living longer.

______In some parts of the world, the number of young people is staying the same, while the number of old people is growing all the   time.

5. Write the composition. You can use the introduction above or you can write your own. Remember-you don’t need to include all the points you discussed. Try to write around 250 words.

Source: IELTS 5 by Chris Gough

Email me your answers to the questions for free feedback.

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